Meet The Staff at Heather's Salon and Spa

Tracy Bennett, Owner/Master Stylist
Tracy Bennett
Owner/Master Stylist

Heather Nickerson, Master Stylist
Heather Nickerson
Master Stylist

Jonathon Dube, Manager/Makeup Artist
Jonathon Dube
Manager/Makeup Artist

Sharon Baker, Master Stylist/Aesthetician
Sharon Baker
Master Stylist/Aesthetician

Wendy Gelinas, Master Stylist
Wendy Gelinas
Master Stylist

Stephanie Bradford, Master Stylist
Stephanie Bradford
Master Stylist

Ava Richardson, Senior Stylist
Ava Richardson
Senior Stylist

Jenna Lothrop, Senior Stylist
Jenna Lothrop
Senior Stylist

Angela Carroll, Senior Stylist
Angela Carroll
Senior Stylist

Lisa Annese, Senior Stylist
Lisa Annese
Senior Stylist

Cassie Pena, Stylist/Nail Tech
Cassie Pena
Stylist/Nail Tech

Shannon Killala, Aestetician/Nail Tech
Shannon Killala
Aestetician/Nail Tech

Dee Lorenzo, Aestetician/Nail Tech
Dee Lorenzo
Aestetician/Nail Tech

Brittany Stout, Nail Tech
Brittany Stout
Nail Tech

Olivia Clark, Makeup Artist
Olivia Clark
Makeup Artist

Emma Stockford, Receptionist/Assistant
Emma Stockford

Rachel Crooker, Receptionist
Rachel Crooker